Large density of waterworks especially in the urban areas causes that identification/marking of the waterworks routes gains special importance. The solution comes in the form of warning tapes and warning and location tapes used for the identification/marking of waterworks. The tapes enable early warning about the existence of waterworks thanks to which they prevent such waterworks from being accidentally damaged. There is a possibility of using an acid-resistance steel insert making it even easier for such waterworks to be localized/identified.

The above solution is also applied in the case of sewage and drainage systems. Similarly as it is in the case of waterworks the identification/marking of heat power supply systems begins to acquire a special importance as far as the urban areas, is concerned. In order to prevent the systems from being accidentally damaged white and green warning tapes and warning and location tapes are used for marking heat power systems. For location purposes tapes with a steel insert are also used which enables easy location of the systems.

Table of Available Tapes:

Tape description Appearance Index Width Type Printed inscription/label
blue IMG_1783 TO-W/20 20 cm
TOL-W/20 20 cm with a steel inserts
TOL-Wn/20 20 cm z wkładką stalową “ATTENTION! WATERWORKS”
blue with steel insert IMG_9962 TOL-6 6 cm – laminated
TOL-6/z 6 cm – welded
white and blue 15 TO-Wbn/20 20 cm
TOL-Wbn/20 20 cm with a steel inserts
green IMG_9941 TO-Z/20 20 cm
TOL-Z/20 20 cm with a steel inserts
white and green 17 TO-EC/20 20 cm
TOL-EC/20 20 cm with a steel inserts
brown 35-polski2 TOL-BR/20 20 cm with a steel inserts
brązowa 35-polski2 TOL-BRn/20 20 cm with a steel inserts “SEWAGE SYSTEM”
black brown TOL-CZn/20 20 cm with a steel inserts “SEWAGE SYSTEM”

Details of the tape


Width: 6-25 cm
Steel insert: Yes
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WODA kopiaMarking and measuring posts are used for identifying the route of the underground systems and to install devices inside the systems for monitoring the above-mentioned underground systems. The posts are made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) with round cross section. They consist of a body with the diameter of 140 [mm] equipped with a universal support intended for installation of different kind devices, a hood with the diameter of 160 [mm] closed with a lock and a base made of a material with cross joints.
The posts are adjusted to install different types of locks. All steel elements are zinc-protected from corrosion. The hood includes holes ensuring sufficient ventilation of the chamber of cable terminals fastening. The hood is equipped with an aluminum cover, painted in any color with the use of polyester powdered paint. The solution of the base enables for a smooth insertion of the tape or cables and easy and stabile placement of the post in the ground.



Marking posts are intended for identification of underground systems route with the use of rating labels/plates. They can be installed in the crucial network points and can be used as the description of the route. The marking post is made of PVC/PE characterized by high performance with the PMMA coating resistant to UV radiation and chalking. The post has a suitable bolt which stabilizes and protects the post from being pulled out.

Waterworks construction and location diagram:


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