Garbage bags

For many years now, PTS Rabka has also been in the market of plastic bags and is one of several major companies in the manufacture of bags for the collection and segregation of waste (commonly called garbage bags). With more than ten years of experience, we know the needs and expectations of our customers; our company’s offer is created with the aim of addressing the needs of urban and municipal offices, municipal enterprises and companies involved in the recovery of recyclable materials, where the demand for garbage bags is much higher.

Additionally, the foil produced by our company is used to make bags in many colors and thicknesses.

We offer our customers assistance in choosing the package. We advise on the selection of optimal dimensions, inform about the properties of the film of which the package will be made.

Types of bags produced:


  • simple (rolled)
  • simple (cut)
  • with side folds
  • with a binding strip
  • with bottom fold
  • protective clothing bags
  • sheets (rolled or cut)
  • printed with up to 6 colors
  • bags with handles



WASTE COLLECTION BAGS (so-called garbage bags)
Color Purpose Size [cm] Capacity [l] Thickness [mm]
Yellow Plastic and cans 70×110 120 0,05/0,07
Blue Paper 70×110 120 0,05/0,07
Green Colored glass 70×110
Red Metal 70×110
Black Other unsorted waste 70×110 120 0,05/0,07