Telecommunication tapes are available in orange. The tapes have the following printed inscription/label: ATTENTION! OPTICAL TELECOM CABLES or ATTENTION! TELECOMMUNICATION CABLE.

Raw materials and other materials of highest possible class are used for the manufacturing of the tapes thanks to which high durability and mechanical strength of the manufactured tapes are achieved to resist soil aggressive agents.

Acid-proof steel inserts used in the tapes intended for fiber-optic cables marking gives the possibility of easy and certain location/identification of the cable route.

The tapes have the necessary opinions and approvals required for materials used during the construction of telecommunication lines.

Table of Available Tapes:

Description of Tapes Appearance Index Width Printed inscription/label
TO-Tkt/15 15 cm
TO-Tkt/20 20 cm
TO-Tkt/25 25 cm
for optical fibers
without steel insert
TO-0pt/15 15 cm
TO-0pt/25 25 cm
for optical fibers
with steel insert
TOL-0pt/20 20 cm
TOL-0pt/25 25 cm
orange with steel insert TOL-6/z 6 cm

Telecommunication Networks Construction and Location Diagram:



TELECOM kopiaMarking and measuring posts are used for marking the route of the underground systems and to install devices inside the systems for monitoring the above-mentioned underground systems. The posts are made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) with round cross section. They consist of a body with the diameter of 140 [mm] equipped with a universal support intended for installation of different kind of devices, a hood with the diameter of 160 [mm] closed with a lock and a base made of a material with cross joints. The posts are adapted to install different types of locks. All steel elements are zinc-protected against corrosion. The hood includes holes ensuring sufficient ventilation of the chamber of cable terminals fastening. The hood is equipped with an aluminum cover, painted in any color with the use of polyester powdered paint. The solution of the base allows for a smooth insertion of the tape or cables and easy and stabile placement of the post in the ground.



Marking posts are intended for identification of underground systems route with the use of rating labels/plates. They can be installed in the crucial network points and can be used for the route description purposes. The marking post is made of PVC/PE characterized of high performance with the PMMA coating resistant to UV radiation and chalking. The post has a suitable bolt which stabilizes and protects the post from being pulled out.


CWS – Offer for TELECOM

Underground cable troughs ZEKAN have been developed as a replacement for concrete troughs and are used for laying cables and cable ducts in the ground, where they provide protection against mechanical damage. They can be used in all kinds of industries and civil engineering, particularly in the power engineering, telecommunications and construction of railway corridors.

Their final design, shape and dimensions are the result of long-term development and discussion with mounting departments of companies that use these troughs. Their advantage is low weight, easy manipulation and ability to use common tools for metal and wood when working with them. Their mechanical strength is comparable to the strength of concrete troughs.

They are produced by extrusion, thus ensuring the compactness of the product and dimensional accuracy (the molten material flows continuously through and is cooled in a number of calibers in the cooling unit). Due to their low weight the costs for transport, reloading and unloading are significantly lower. Using these troughs allows for repeated access to cable lines and its replenishment, repair or replacement.

Troughs material : Polyvinyl chloride (PVC – RE)
Operating temperature : -30 °C ÷ + 60 °C
Storage temperature : -25 °C ÷ + 70 °C
Montage temperature : -5 °C ÷ + 50 °C
Color : Shades of grey
Guaranteed material lifetime : 50 years
Ecological disposal : Recycling


Technological channels – Offer for TELECOM

Multiduct is a multiple duct system used for mechanical protection of cable routes for various types of applications. We are offering 4, 6 or 9 way Options. Every duct space is equivalent to 110 mm
single pipe where you can easily install the cables. Each basic Multiduct section is 1 m long and has a socket (female) and a spigot (male) joints and are connected by a rubber gasket and by 4 steel clips. We are offering a wide range of Accessories to manage common bends, duct configurations, connectivity with traditional duct system or access chambers.

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Color: Orange
Width: 6-25 cm
Steel insert: Yes
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