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1424-XR/ID EMS Marker

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Product Description

The 3M Marker Balls allow for the easy marking of telephone lines buried at a distance of 5 feet (1.5 meters). Marker balls have a unique self leveling feature, that insures the marker is always oriented to the surface, allowing for an accurate location. Passive marker balls provide accurate identification of buried telephone lines, helping to reduce the risk of accidentally excavating other buried facilities. All markers function without the need for an external power source. Their water resistant polyetheline shells are impervious to minerals, chemicals and the temperature extremes normally found underground. An iD version is available which allows for the storage of customer specific information about the underground asset.

Featured Benefits:

  • Positive identification of underground wastewater facilities
  • iD Marker allows for programming of customer specific information
  • Unique self leveling design simplifies installation
  • No external power source needed
  • Resistant to elements
  • 5 foot (1.5 meter) detection distance
  • Color conforms to APWA standards


Application/Industry                                                  Wastewater

Color                                                                           Green

EMS Caution Tape Finding Capability                 N/A

Marker Depth                                                            5 feet (1.5m)

Marker Dimension (cm)                                         10.2 cm D

Marker Dimension (inch)                                       4 inch Diameter

Marker Type                                                              Ball

Number of Frequencies                                         N/A

Programmable/Passive                                         Programmable

Range                                                                        0 to 5 Linear Foot


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