Gas Industry

Tapes for marking gas networks through the application of a steel insert similarly as it is in the case of the tapes intended for telecommunication networks guarantee easiness and certainty of location/identification. Yellow, distinctive colour of the tape gives confidence that the tape pulled out of the ground by a excavator bucket will be clearly visible which will prevent the gas network from accidental damage. In order to ensure safety the tape is perforated on its entire length which prevents from liquid and gas gathering.
Both gas network and telecommunication identification tapes have the printed inscriptions/labels on its entire length which enables quick identification of a network type. Identification/marking systems concordant with the ZN-G-3001:2001 standard allows for the application of both tapes:

– Warning tape

– Location tape (with an acid-resistant steel insert)

Table of Available Tapes:

yellow, smooth with printed inscription/labelIMG_0064TO-Gn/2020 cm”GAS”

Description of the Tape Appearance Index Width Printed inscription/label
TO-Gn/30 30 cm “GAS”
TO-Gn/40 40 cm “GAS”
yellow, perforated with a steel insert 3 TOL-G1/20 20 cm
TOL-G1/30 30 cm
TOL-G1/40 40 cm
yellow with printed inscription/label with a steel insert IMG_1808 TOL-Gn1/20 20 cm “GAS”
TOL-Gn1/30 30 cm “GAS”
TOL-Gn1/40 40 cm “GAS”
yellow, smooth with a steel insert IMG_1791 TOL-6/z 6 cm
DY 1,5 and 2,5mm location cable installation cable


Gas Network Construction and Location Diagram:



IMG_1822 Details of the tape

Color: Yellow
Printed inscription/label: “Gas”
Width: 6-40cm
Steel insert: Yes
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GAZ kopiaMarking and measuring posts are used for identifying the route of the underground systems and to install devices inside the systems for monitoring the above-mentioned underground systems. The posts are made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) with round cross section. They consist of a body with the diameter of 140 [mm] equipped with a universal support intended for installation of different kind devices, a hood with the diameter of 160 [mm] closed with a lock and a base made of a material with cross joints.
The posts are adapted to install different types of locks. All steel elements are zinc-protected from corrosion. The hood includes holes ensuring sufficient ventilation of the chamber of cable terminals fastening. The hood is equipped with an aluminum cover, painted in any color with the use of polyester powdered paint. The solution of the base enables for a smooth insertion of the tape or cables and easy and stabile placement of the post in the ground.



Marking posts are intended for identification of underground systems route with the use of rating labels/plates. They can be installed in the crucial network points and can be used for the route description purposes. The marking post is made of PVC/PE characterized by high performance with the PMMA coating resistant to UV radiation and chalking. The post has a suitable bolt which stabilizes and protects the post from being pulled out.


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